FH's Bio

F.H. COX III   |   COO 
A young entrepreneur from Little Rock, F.H.’s experience is far beyond his years. He interned at a boutique car repair shop, with a custom furniture maker, and at a lender and bank, all before graduating from Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys. F.H. served as Chief Concierge at the only Forbes-rated hotel in the state before founding a legal services company. At the age of twenty-four, he and his best friend jumped at the opportunity to purchase a Little Rock-landmark restaurant which they have successfully owned and operated. F.H.’s experience combines business operations with savvy marketing and sales skills. His marketing experience includes brand creation and repositioning, campaign strategy, and content creation.

Cox outwardly speaks about the importance of hobbies. Over the years, F.H. has juggled work with his adoration of mechanics, his attraction to woodwork, and his (slightly unhealthy) obsession with the acoustic guitar. He believes that personal projects and micro-obsessions provide ongoing education and are paramount to maintaining a diverse and adaptable skillset. F.H.s passions are approached with fearlessness, resourcefulness, and prudence, fitting traits of a young business leader.
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